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Our Philosophy

"We believe you should have more opportunities to focus on running and building your business."

"Our mission is to provide quality, timely, accurate and affordable accounting services to small business."

All businesses begin with the same thing: an idea. Whether you're building houses or writing the newest app, the way you go about your business will differ. Yet one thing remains the same: every business owner needs to know the numbers. Money Smarts can't directly manage your business, but we can provide essential tools to help you make smart decisions. From bookkeeping, payroll and accounting services, to navigating tax season, Money Smarts can help you grow your business.

We focus on your paperwork
so you can see the big picture.


What our clients say about Money Smarts

“Professional, quick and trustworthy. Thanks Money Smarts!”
Stefan C.
“They take the stress out of staying on top of your taxes and allow you to focus on other things.”
Travis L.
“Beyond exceptional services! I recommend everyone I know…best place in town by far.”
Kristin M.